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Lavender Fields Forever

Bonny Doon Farm was chosen by the authors of Lavender Fields of America to be included in their beautiful book. At America’s Original Fine English Lavender Estate, Bonny Doon Farm, the Meehans have been farming Lavender and making Soaps, Gardener’s Salve, Perfumes and Colognes, Lotions, and assorted Lavender Products since the early 70’s.  All of our products enjoy family rendered art, the finest ingredients and all are made in locally in California!

Open this book to envelope yourself in the story of lavender and the farmers that live the dream..
..Hardcover $29.95

Sandalwood Soap

Genuine Sandalwood oil is one of the rarest oils produced currently. The rare, genuine Sandalwood oil is combined with our premium soap ingredients offering our customers the finest Sandalwood soap anywhere.


Sandalwood Cologne

Genuine oil of Sandalwood, pure spirits of grape as an aromatic. Ours is the best in the marketplace.


5.5 ounces 11.95
3.4 ounces 72.00
½ ounces 22.00

Sandalwood Salve

Very effective on dry hands, elbows, knees and heels.
Scented with genuine, extremely rare oil of Sandalwood.

4 ounces

4 ounces 11.95

Engineer & Tradesman Salve

V ery effective for relief of dry and cracked skin caused by alkaline, solvents as well as abrasions by hand tools and/or machinery use.  With the Laurel Leaf, Chamomile & Rosewood pure botanical oils, it is one of Diane Meehan's favorites!

Uplands Soap

A complex but complementary blend of pure oils, including Oak Moss, Cedar Leaf, Rosemary, Spruce and other natural oils.



Uplands Cologne

Made with 12 pure rich oils, including Oak Moss, Spruce, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Verbena, Sage, Lavender and Artemisia. Properly aged in the farms cellar. Sprinkler top in rectangular glass.

5.5 ounces 8.95
4 ounces 48.00
½ ounce 16.00

Lodge Salve

Opening the container is like you are entering an evergreen forest. Take it with you on that next day hike. Contains Pure and Extra Virgin olive oil, pharmaceutical grade cocoa butter, premium beeswax, and of course pure, steamed, distilled, spruce oil.

Soap of the Lodge

A very special soap, until now made only for our guests of the farm. Produced with pure oil of Spruce. In limited quantities

4 ounces 13.95
5.5 ounces 7.95

Gift Box

Window boxes with our distinctive Bonny Doon Farm ribbon, or if you please with your men's selection, our Meehans Mens Line ribbon.  Beautiful presentation showing off our labels, the items and Gift Card with your message included.

Note:  These boxes hold either 2-3 items for the 6X6 or 3-5 items for the 8X8 box.  If two or more are needed, an additional charge may apply.

8x8x2 $10.00
6x6x2 $6.00

Gift Box & BDF Card (6x6x2)
Gift Box & BDF Card (8x8x2)
Other Options available upon request!

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